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Crisis Recovery: Getting Mental Health And Opiate Addiction Treatment
05.12.2016 15:56

opiate addiction treatment

Providing crisis intervention helps people battling with physical, emotional, mental or behavioral distress. People who face crisis often coincide with drug abuse which needs an immediate crisis recovery and drug rehabilitation such as opiate addiction treatment.

What are crisis centers?

Crisis centers are facilities that offer help to those who are in psychiatric emergency. People, who feel hopeless and helpless; those who are suicidal; experiencing psychotic symptoms; and falling into deep depression are the people who are treated in crisis centers.

These people are often the ones who are also more susceptible to abuse drugs. One of the most commonly abused drugs is painkillers in order to avoid the psychiatric symptoms they have.

These facilities can provide the opiate abuse treatment they need while treating their mental illness. However, if their presence creates a threat to themselves and to other patients, crisis centers are not the right place for them.

How do treatment proceeds in crisis centers?

Crisis centers are facilities that are designed to help individuals get back to their lives. A professional team of medical doctors, therapists and social workers are working hand-in-hand to give the right approach to provide an opiate addiction treatment and mental disorder treatment for patients.

The step by step methods of treatment in a crisis center include:

Detoxification: This process provides patients the help to let the toxic narcotics get out of your system.

Medication: Medications for opiate abuse cure and particular mental illness are provided in the crisis facility to address both the issues.

Individual therapy: This is required to help patients deal with their mental issues and addictive behaviors.

Group therapy: A group therapy allows patients to get involved with other people as they share their own life struggles, drug addiction and experiences.

Educational groups: It is a session, where patients can learn about important things that they need to learn during their opiate addiction treatment.

Faith-based approaches: Some facilities incorporate religious practices, prayers and other religious methods that can improve the health and wellness of patients. These activities in the treatment for opiate addiction include yoga, meditation, and more.

Social services: This assistance provides help to patients after their opiate addiction treatment such as finding outpatient treatment, sober living homes and other rehab centers.


Correlation between addiction and mental illness:

Based on records, 42 percent of people with substance use disorder also have mental illness. About 15 percent of people, who have mental disorder have substance use disorder.

A crisis center is the right facility that provides opiate addiction treatment and mental treatment. After your recovery, you are obliged to maintain your mental and physical health by practicing what you have learned in the treatment for opiate abuse.

By living a healthy lifestyle, continuing with your therapy, maintaining sober friends, enjoying life through recreations, you can be assured that you can be well and far fro a relapse.


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